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General information

Yugong Yishan
YUGONGYISHAN logotransparent.gif
Logo of YGYS
City Beijing
Address 3-2 Zhang Zizhong Lu, 东城区平安大街张自忠路3号(段祺瑞执政府旧址大门左侧)
Geographical Location 39° 56' 1" N, 116° 24' 53" E
Phone 00861064042711
Active 2007 -

Yugongyishan (愚公移山, yú gōng yí shān), Bar in Beijing, Dongcheng District

The New Yugong Yishan re-opened on September 22, 2007

Contact / Address

3-2 Zhang Zizhong Lu, (next to the former Duan Qirui government building, about half way between Lotus Lane and Dongsishitiao), Dongcheng District.
愚公移山, 东城区平安大街张自忠路3号(段祺瑞执政府旧址大门左侧)

Phone: +86 10 64042711

Web sites:


Take a taxi or subway to Dongsi Shitiao, and head East.

At Chunxiu Lu, turn left (North).

Stop at the Huatong Xinfandian, on your right.

Enter the alley to the right, and follow the sign.

Alternatively (and perhaps slightly easier), cross the road via the footbridge to the west of the Workers' Stadium north gate and head west. Go into the car park that contains the Bus Bar (you'll go through an archway). Go past the Bus Bar heading north and keep walking - Yugong Yishan will appear as if by magic, slightly to your left.

Being a running point for Beijing's foreigner rockers for many years, Yugongyishang will close the old place in summer 2007, the last gig there was performed by Beijing's foreigner blues band Black Cat Bone

A new bigger place opened at the end of 2007.

Blurb from their Website

Yugong Yishan is a Chinese proverb about a foolish man who wants to remove a mountain and who succeeds in it!

Yugong Yishan from 2004 to 2007 was a tiny live house located in a parking lot across the Worker’s stadium in Beijing, Chinas’ capital city. The venue was awarded best live house by That’s Beijing in 2005, 2006, 2007. It’s been a platform for local and international bands and party labels in an area predominated by mega discos and green lasers.

In July 2007 the bulldozers of the forthcoming Olympics have rolled over the place and torned it down. We had a big demolition celebration that night where everybody was dancing on the ruins!

In September 2007 Yugong Yishan was reborn from its ashes and celebrated its re-opening in a much bigger place right in the heart of Dongcheng district. Now located in former Ruifu lounge (Pingan Avenue) in the beautiful courtyard of Duanqirui government and after a big face lift, the venue now features a 500 m2 surface, a capacity for 800 to 1000 people, a 5 meters wide stage and a brand new sound system (Meyer Sound). Yugong Yishan is ready to rock!!

Founded by Lv Zhiqiang 吕志强 lǚ zhìqiáng


In the year of SARS, 2003, a friend of now Yugong Yishan's owner Lv Zhiqiang 吕志强 aka Gouzi 狗子 opened a cafe near Beijing's Worker Stadium called Lushang Cafe (路上咖啡?) but due to SARS he couldnt keep the place and Lv Zhiqiang bought it and started doing rock shows. In the beginning it was punk bands like Joyside who would regulary play on their Monday Punk Nights. The place wasnt about selling drinks with it's empty bar shelves and the convenient store outside was florishing because it was always crowded. Ticket price was about 10 RMB including 1x beer. It was the time where Ziyo had their first gig and T9 just changed their music from Nu Metal to nowadays Mongolian Folk, also the name changed to Hanggai. So that place wasnt a real live house or bar, it was just a place for rock kids and friends to hang out and have live shows without professional sound system and equipments. Later Lv started to go more professional and changed the name to Club Yugong Yishan. (source: [1])

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