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The Roy

The Roy, Tianjing Britpop band


General information

In 2007, September, Tianjin band Troy renamed themselves to The Roy. Some time after that their self-produced CD is released.

On November 6th 2007, they perform live in the Beijing University Auditorium.

On December 7th 2007, they perform in the Nankai University.

On December 16th 2007, they perform in the Ping Hai Students Center.

January 2008, So Rock! magazine included one of their songs in their issue no. 71.

January 13th, 2008, they perform in the MAO Live House, Beijing.

March 2nd 2008, again the Mao live House.

May 5th, in the 13 Club, Tianjin.


Major releases

  • Debut 2002

Appearances in Magazines

  • In the So Rock! Magazine no. 71 - 2008, January

Further information

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