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The Gar, Beijing-based Garage-rock band. One of the founders of No Beijing.

General information about The Gar


English Name The Gar
Chinese Name 嘎调 / ga diao
Genre Rock, Garage Rock, No Beijing
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 2007
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Band members

Zhan Pan 詹盼: vocals & guitar

Zhu Boxuan 朱博譞: Bass (also ex-Hedgehog, Nova Heart)

Wang Xu 王旭: Drums

Former band members

Wu Wenjie: bass



The Gar in 2007

The Gar was formed in early 2007 by Zhan Pan (ex-The Naza) (Vo&G), Wen Jie (B) and Wang Xu (Dr). On May 4th they performed in the What bar. June 15th they performed in the D-22. June 29th they rocked thr D-22. July 7th, they performed in the D-22. September 1st they performed in the MAO Live House. September 8th, they rocked the D-22. September 19th they performed in the D-22. October 6th, they performed in the MAO Live House. October 13th they rocked the D-22. November 11th they performed in the D-22. November 18th they performed in the MAO Live House. November 24th they performed in the 2 Kolegas bar. December 22nd they performed in the D-22.


2008, January 6th, they performed in the MAO Live House. January 11th they performed in the D-22. January 13th they performed in the MAO. March 29th, they rocked the D-22. April 12th they performed in the D-22. April 26th they performed in the MAO Live House. May 1st, they performed in the D-22. May 17th, they performed together with Hedgehog in the D-22.[1]May 31st they rocked the D-22 during a charity concert for the victims of the 2008 SiChuan Earthquake. The same day, May 31st, they also performed at the Mao Live House. June 21st they performed in the 2 Koleages. In August 2008 they toured South China during their Little Tour In South China: August 16th, they performed in Xi'an's TIGER bar. August 22nd they performed in Shanghai's Yu Yin Tang. August 23rd they rocked Nanjing's 古堡 bar. August 29th they performed in Changsha's 肆陸 bar. August 30th they performed in Wuhan's VOX bar. September 20th they performed in the D-22. September 30th tehy performed on the ROKR stage of the Modern Sky Festival 2008 in Beijing's Haidian park. October 11th they performed in the Yugong Yishan during an event of the S.D!ZINE. December 31st they performed in the D-22.


2009, January 10th, they performed in the Mao Live House during the release party of Ourself Beside Me's debut record. In March 2009, their self-titled record The Gar is released by Maybe Mars Records, for which they perform during their release party in the Yugong Yishan on March 20th. In April their song 生之愛 is included in the X-Music Magazine no. 387. On April 17th, they started their China tour together with Carsick Cars, performing in Qingdao's REDSTAR. On April 19th, they rock Zhengzhou's 7 Live House, April 22nd, Xi'an's 月亮鑰匙 bar, April 25th Shanghai ZheJiang Dream Factory, May 1st, the D-22. On May 3rd they performed in Chengdu during the Zebra Music Festival 2009 on the main stage. May 4th, they perform in Guiyang's 達加. May 6th in Guilin's KAYA bar. May 8th in Guangzhou's 191 Space. May 9th in Hongkong. According to New Indie Music Hongkong: The Gar were a spectacular surprise.Less well known than the more acclaimed Carsick Cars,their set was full of intricate ,rocking guitar riffs and big songs with anthemic choruses that recalled early british bands like The Stone Roses,mixed with an amazing psychedelic guitar style.What seems at first like a maelstrom of sound has lots of intricate layers and textures.[2] May 10th in Shenzhen, May 12th in Nanjing's 黒鉄 bar, May 14th, they performed in Changsha. May 17th in Wuhan's VOX bar, May 19th in Hangzhou's Joy Luck Club. May 22nd, they rocked the Yuyintang together with Carsick Cars. According to Andy Best: They went confidently into their set of middle-choppy-guitar and the signature vocals with occasional screams but they sound was average and the vocal sound dry.[3] May 23rd, they performed in Nanjing's 古堡 bar, with which performance they end their national tour with Carsick Cars. June 26th, they performed during the release party of Carsick Cars 2nd record in the Yugong Yishan. In June their song Love For Life is included in the So Rock! Magazine (no. 87). December 9th, Maybe Mars released a video clip by Wang Heran (王鹤然) for The Gar's song 2 Mothers (两个妈妈) on Youku.[4]


In November 2010, they were interviewed by Time Out Shanghai about their now stable lineup. Asked about The Gar's return to performing on stage, Zhan Pan responded:

‘We’re both nervous and excited,’ (...) ‘We’ve all been busy with our own things, and our former bassist had some personal problems, so we took a break to reflect on and overcome this. We view things a bit differently now, but we never stopped composing songs – we just used the break to fine-tune ourselves.’[5]

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