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Origin Beijing
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This is a record label which could be an underground label, a publishing house, a netlabel or any other kind of organization that releases music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Record Labels.


Scream Records is a sublabel of Jingwen Records and one of the major rock, punk and new metal labels. It's the biggest alternative rock label in China and committed themselves to sign every year several bands and release at least 10 records.

Scream Records has three sub-labels: Metal HG, punk SUNDAY-PUNCH and electronic PULSE.

They released CDs of bands such as: Yaksa, Twisted Machine, CMCB, A-Boys, Silver Ash, Fall Insects, Thin Man and many others.

Scream Records sells their CDs and MCDs in whole China and you can get them in many stores, e.g. in Beijing, Xi'an or Zhangjiakou.

In January 1999, they started off their record label journey with the release of the famed Wuliao Contingent (VA) compilation, a punk statement of its own portraying four of the major punk bands of Beijing at that time.

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