Resurrection of the Gods (VA)

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Resurrection of the Gods

General Information

Artists: Various Artists

Released: 2001, November 24th

Record Label: Mort Productions


  1. Gate of Meditation - The Ancient Legend
  2. Suffocated - Breakdown
  3. Ritual Day - The coming of the unholy year
  5. Vomit (CN) - DUST DEVIL
  6. Bloodbath (CN) - THE LIVING ONE
  7. Seraph (CN) - MARCH OF THE EMPIRE
  8. Purgatory (CN) - THE GIFT FROM SATAN
  9. Cankered Corpse - DESTROY
  10. Crimson Flag - MESS AROUND
  11. Endoputurescence - GORGASM
  12. Hades (CN) (R.I.P) - THE NIGHTMARE WENT ON


This CD was the first release of Mort Production and features the most important extreme metal underground bands at that time.

Cankered Corpse, Ritual Day, Suffocated, Hades, Purgatory and Vomit, they all are famous and talented.

Resurrection of the Metal Gods had a big impact on Chinese metal underground, as it featured for the first time a snapshot of extreme metal underground. Before this CD there had been only a view demos of bands, but no collection or real CD.

Mort Productions first CD was the startshot for a series of other very well extreme metal bands and due to this CD a lot of contract were signed for future releases.

Track 9 'DESTROY' is the first officially released song of Cankered Corpse as their demo CD limited to 500 pieces is not available in the market anymore.

One big advantage of all Mort Production releases is the English booklet. Here you can read more about the bands and get an impression of Chinese metal.

-- by Azchael (

I love this CD!! I am so happy that Hans (PK Editor) gave it to me to review in English. I was having a hard time finding it anywhere. Maybe that’s because I am just a laowei and nobody wants to help me. Hahahaha!!!

Kicking off with some old sounding metal is Gate of Meditation. The first impression to me was a Merciful Fate sounding guitar with kick ass riffs but then the piano kicks in. According to a review I read this was a project of painkiller magazine and not a real band. That’s to be confirmed later.

Suffocated – (Thrash)

Total old school thrash with scratchy vocals. Reminds me of old german metal back in the 80’s. I suggest you check these guys out. I think there are still around playing in Beijing.

Ritual Day – (Death)

A very good band with a great quality sound production. I was to see these guys awhile ago but for some reason they had cancelled. I think it was because some of the other bands on the list were pretty fucking lame. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t have wanted to share the stage with some bad shitty bands either. Check them out on the web.

Beeline – (Death)

I brutal attack on the senses I got here. I decent production and a nice melodic change in tempo. They remind me of early Nile with the guitars.

Vomit – (Death)

Too much reverb on the vocals gave it a sound that I couldn’t agree with. But I think that they are not a bad death band. A cool little bass cut in the middle. I thought the drums sounded a little too electronic.

Bloodbath – (Death/Thrash)

Again an electronic sounding drum track during parts of the song. But I like this song. Be careful there is another band out there called Bloodbath. I don’t know where they are from

Seraph – (old school metal)

A mix of black and traditional metal. I thought it was kind of cheesy. Did not like it much. Kind of a marching to your death song.

Purgatory – (Death)

Not a great produced song but I thing with the guitars and drums it was worth kicking it into high volume. I could not hear the vocals clearly.

Cankered Corpse - (Death/Thrash)

I have to admit that I found this to be the best song on the album.

Totally reminds me of the old german sound with the fast tempos kicking it down to some slow more moshy parts that should drive you to bang your fucking head into the wall for a few minutes.

Crimson Flag – (thrash)

This song got me bouncing in my computer chair. I almost fell out of it. In the middle of the song there is a good moshy part where the leads come in. The production is of not the best quality but not bad.

Gorgasm – (Death)

Be careful folks. There is a Gorgasm from france out there too. Don’t confuse them. This is a great production. Kick ass guitars, drums, vocals and smoking riffs. I loved it too much.

Hades – (Death)

I loved the fact that they used the Peking Opera in the beginning. Metal is the same all around the world. We hate traditions. I like this band very much. I hate to say this but the production is a little poor and the drums have that reverb that I hate to hear too much. But it’s a great fucking song.

Overall: This CD is brutal!!!! I highly recommend adding it to your collection. If you don’t have it then your missing out something very special.

-- by David Hemmer (see original review)

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