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Interview with Hedgehog

Azchael of Rock in China interviewed Hedgehog via email on August 11th 2008.

Azchael: Would you describe yourself as a Chinese artist or a rock artist?

Hedgehog: Maybe chinese rock artist. Beijing is the cultural and international center of china, at here we have more chance to touch rock music, when we are 15 we listen to some great bands from abroad like nirvana, blur and so on. You know, in China there are also many traditional music and the history of music in china is so long, as hedgehog, melody are more influenced by the old chinese music, style are more influenced by modern rock bands.

Azchael: What kind of instruments are you using? Which brand?

Hedgehog: Guitar/vocal: Fender telecaster vintage 6100

Bass: Fender

Drum:Zildjian HiHat:new beat 14'; Crash:A medium 18' ; Ride: A Custom Projection 20'

Azchael: With which other artist or band (dead or alive) would you like to jam with?

Hedgehog: Beatles/Nirvana/Jesus And Mary Chain/The Smith/ The Cure/ Joy Divison

Azchael: How do you see the rock music scene in China at the moment?

Hedgehog: Fans and bands are much better than before, more and more people are interested in rock music. By the live show, bands can make more money than before. More professional live houses to play in, many magezines prefer to prompt rock bands. beijing have became the center of chinese rock. Compared to old rockers in china, the new generation are better educated so we can get money not only by music, as we life well ,we can have better mood and environment to make music.

Azchael: What are you doing in your daily life besides music? And how do you combine the music and your daily life?

Hedgehog: Zo is a web app designer, he works for a company every day. atom is a record engineer, box play for two rock bands. We play music after work, work makes money for us to rock on, and bring us more experience of life to fire up more inspiration.

Azchael: Your record "Noise Hit World" has been released last year. What is the reception of the audience to your music? What feedback did you get on your record?

Hedgehog: I think we did well on the songs-writing, we record it before we signed in ModernSky Music, because lack of money and experience we didn't do well in recording and mixing, however it's just a begining of hedgehog. We see that many audience love hedgehog , they think we are fresh, rock , popy and unique.

Azchael: What are your plans for the end of the year?

Hedgehog: We are recording our third CD now , it will release before the end of 2008. it will contain 8 chinese songs and 5 english songs and all of them are sound great.

Azchael: Which other artists in China do you like? Rock ones and other music styles?

Hedgehog: We like ZhengZhiHua who is a TaiWan singer in 1990s. In beijing we like New Pants, Joyside, Snapline, Carsick Cars and The Gar.

Azchael: What do you think about www. rockinchina. com?

Hedgehog: It's professional and comprehensive in chinese rock.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.

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