Guitar China Music Festival 2010

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General information

Date: 2010 May 15-16

Organizer: Guitar China

Location: Haidian Park

GC's first rock guitar live debut exhibition Images of Chinese Music Festival

China by the guitar, Xintai culture's "China Haidian Park 2010 Guitar Festival" in 2010, 5月15日(星期六) and 16 (星期日) held two days in Beijing's Haidian Park. The event will be "Just Play It" "play music", "playing instruments" to relax as the theme, Haidian Park, the lawn will be assigned to play the best music. In 2010, a time when the guitar is also the tenth anniversary of China website, as the largest independent Chinese music and musical instruments sites, low-key guitar maverick China, 10 years, independent sponsor or co-sponsor of many international guitar heros in China including: Gamma Ray, Lamb of God, In Flames, Sonata Arctica, Amon Amarth, Dragonforce, Symphony X, Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Dreamtheater, Skylark, Dark tranquility, Arch Enemy, Vision Divine, EdenBridge, Visions Of Atlantis, Stuart Hamm, Paul Gilbert, Andy Mckee, Neil zaza, Goncalo, Steve Vai, Bob Moses, Michael Angelo, Stepan Rak, Joe stump, Marty Friedman, etc. These world-class orchestra and musicians, not only for domestic rock scene brought a shock of music, and professional production, even including the production of light, beautiful music live forever in the memory, but the scene was wonderful pictures We know many do not know the photographer or saved it! If the field was re-photography from the recent and the pursuit of perfection, then examine the rock scene is the best battlefield photographers comprehensive ability! After preparation, GC rock scene first exhibition in 2010, 5月15日(星期六) and 16 (星期日) appeared Haidian Park 'Guitar Chinese Music Festival! " The exhibition theme is: rock photographer at the scene! From GC and GC Forum partners many photographers and photography enthusiasts will participate, including: Cui Jingyi (screen name: CJY), Qiu children, back, slipknotding, JING, goat, summer Qi, Liu Xi, Xiao-Ming, LAOB, rest in peace, Sharp D, Lee is, Han Xu, MIMOSA, Chai East New, forbearance flowers, Tsai Ming et al. Rock and roll photography will on display will include live performances in recent years, numerous, and all are based on field-based. Meet May 15 ~ 16, Haidian Park! More information

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