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Goons Of Doom 2009 press.jpg

Goons Of Doom

Participant of the Midi Music Festival 2010


Vocals: Ozzie Spider Bones

Guitar: Vaughan Dead,Killa Whale

Bass: Wrong

Drums: Cowboy


In 2004 there was born a band called the Goons of Doom. At the sacrifice of their own internal organs and often their own credibility, they became torch-bearers for good times. Stupid, hyperactive, rollicking drunk and even occasionally sexual, they drew crowds based on cheap liquor and a laugh, some fake blood and surfing. They couldn’t play to save themselves, but that was ok, they had fun and they got to hang out (sometimes on a stage) and they got to sing and dance and drink and get shitty tatts.

Between then and now something has happened. Some would say a miracle. They found the music. Or maybe the music found them - battered, torn, unable to defend themselves, they became unsuspecting conduits of good tunes as well as good times. They grew comfortable in their skin, confident in their unforeseen ability. As destiny demanded, they started spreading their word of hard truth and hopeful charm around the human world, endearing folk all the way from Spain to San Fran, New Zealand to New York, Tokyo to France, Albury to Wadonga.

It’s a remarkable story considering the four friends who met first met at Narrabeen Infants School had only played instruments for three days before their first gig. The band formed when Vaughan Dead, Killerwhale, Ozzie Wrong and Cutthroat Cowboy all moved into a house together at Narrabeen, Australia. The surf was shit that summer so they bought some cheap instruments from Cash Converters, plugged everything in and after only 10 minutes of raw undiluted primal mayhem, convinced themselves they were the best band the world had ever known. Three days later they played their first show at a backyard party in Manly. Three weeks after that they were playing to a full house in Tokyo. Within a month of that they were already embarking on their first U.S. Tour. It seems too weird to believe but that’s how it happened. Perhaps it wasn’t so much the music as it was the party in those early days, and the Goons brought it wherever they went.

In the studio, the early Goons of Doom recordings were rudimentary but also met with enthusiasm. Bikey Zomby (2005), the band’s first official release from their record label Volcom Entertainment was described in America’s Campus Circle Magazine “Don’t let all the goofy names mislead you, this is no comedy record. The Goons of Doom have a sound that is a unique amalgam of surf, horror and frenetic college rock that runs counter to most of the straight ahead guitar rock that is coming out of Oz right now. The accents are heavy, the beats are danceable and the band rocks with joyous abandon.” However not everyone was convinced, music website Decapolis warned “This is easily the worst album I’ve ever reviewed and the worst album I’ve ever heard. The lyrics like using the same 4 letter words and just make me feel sorry for the author of them. Perhaps one could take it as a campy release, but the immaturity involved makes it only funny to a grade school kid.” Hey, it wasn’t an album dickhead. It was an EP.

The Goons debut full length album The Story Dead Barbie & Ghost (2006) was like-wise greeted with high praise, with saying “The album is all over the place, sometimes garagey, sometimes straight-up punk, and even occasionally descending into a melodic discordant sound that sounds a bit like the tour buses for Sonic Youth and the Pixies collided, leaving no survivors, it’s all about surfing, motorcycles and zombies.” The said “The Goons of Doom are having a big ole party on this record. All the hippest zombies and cutest ghosts are coming. And I am pretty sure you guys are all invited. Bring your boardies and an orange Stackhat.” Unfortunately the album sold like a bag of moldy undies, mainly thanks to first single “Fingered” being described by the Australian radio station Triple J as “commercial leprosy”. But that didn’t stop the song from becoming a crowd favorite at every Goons gig thereafter.

Since then the band has done numerous touring both in Australia and abroad. The Goons have matured musically, if not in real life. The songs are light on bells and whistles production wise but they are touching, honest, funny and energetic. “It’s like the crowd has been given instruments and are up on stage playing,” said one review of their live show. “It’s as if the energy in the room takes over the stage. It’s utterly contagious and impossible not to enjoy.”

With that, Goons of Doom present their anticipated second LP, I Hate My Hair and Want To Die. Described by the band themselves as songs and sounds of pirates and adventures and romance on the clipper, immortalized for the hip set, the lonely loser, the sentimental soul and gutter trash fxxxs alike and of course for future generations to dissect and examine and analyze. I Hate My Hair and I Want to Die will be released on Volcom Entertainment on October 20, 2009.

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