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Deville is a DJ artist , originally from Swiss, now China.

General information about Deville


English Name Deville
Genre DJ
Origin Swiss, now China
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Band members

Former band members


Recognized for his great skills and versatile selections, Blaise Deville has spun everywhere in China (Shanghai, Beijing, HongKong, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc.), and also for all the major crews in the area (Phreaktion, TheLab, Antidote, Heavy, KongkreteBass, STD). During 2007, he took part in the PAUSE project, an artistic platform for the local young creators, and performed at the prestigious Modern Sky Festival. In 2009 he released two publicly acclaimed mixtapes, the Uprooted Sunshine Reggae mixtape for the PAUSE mix series and his more personal work, the Dubstep and HipHop orientated “Blows Your Mind” mixtape.

Festival Participation

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