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Cavia is a DJ artist .

General information about Cavia


English Name Cavia
Genre DJ
This is an artist which could be a band, musical project, solo musician or any other kind of music collective. For a more precise definition, see Category:Artists.

Band members

Former band members


Born in a small city of nowhere, DJ Cavia started collecting music records since his teenage. He got a eclectic taste and has large variety collections of all kinds of music. When he was 20yo he saw DJ Shadow’s “In Tune On Time” Live DVD, then he decided to drop out of school and bought two turntables to scratch. Within 2 years he won the China DMC DJ Champion in 2008 and went to the DMC World Championship in London. Since then he quit battle scence and forcus on producing, and also collaborate with other music projects.

Festival Participation

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