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Black Romance is a Visual Kei, Rock artist in Shanghai, originally from Shanghai.

General information about Black Romance

Blackromance 11.jpg

Black Romance in April 2008, photo (c) Black Romance

English Name Black Romance
Genre Visual Kei, Rock
Origin / Present city Shanghai / Shanghai
Founded in 2007
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Band members

樹海(Vo), 蓮見(G), 虹(G), 七(B) and 倩(SEI)(Dr)

Former band members


The band formed in May 2007, however under a different name and they perfromed on May 28th at the Shanghai Engineering Technology University. On June 19th, they rocked the Shanghai Institute of Commerce, before renaming themselves into the presently used name Black Romance with the lineup: 蓮見(G), ほか、Juika(Vo), Iris(G), 7(B) and SEI(Dr). On August 8th, they performed at the Live Bar. On August 18th, they rocked the Youth Center at 188 Hanzhong Road. On December 21st, they participated at the Yaogun Shanghai event at the 021 Bar.

The lineup in 2008 consisted of 樹海(Vo), 蓮見(G), 虹(G), 七(B) and 倩(SEI)(Dr). April 19th, they rocked the fourth 0093 showcase party at the Yuyintang with Sour Rain, BlacKRomancE, Wildcat, Joker, Crazy Mushroom, Little Nature and Mortal Fools.[1] On July 12th, they performed at the Zhijiang Dream Factory. On July 18th, they rocked the Yuyintang. Further in July they performed at the 0093 Party 6. On August 2nd, they rocked the Yuyintang.

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