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General information

13 Club
City Beijing
Address 161 Lanqiying, Haidian District, Beijing, 北京海淀区蓝旗营161号成府路西侧路南(北大东门向东,清华南门向西)
Geographical Location 39° 59' 27" N, 116° 19' 4" E
Phone 00861082619213
Active 2004 -

13 Club (13酒吧, shí san jiŭ ba), Club in Beijing and Tianjin

the owner of 13 Club also opened his own label called Dime Records at the end of 2009.

General Information

taken from their Myspace.com page:

The 13club was founded in December 2004 in Beijing. This Rock & Roll oriented live house bar resides near the famous holy land of Rock & Roll, Wudaokou.There are grand shows of different styles every weekends. Also, free but impressive performance of ballad, flamenco or other styles on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Both the light and sound equipments present in the bar reflect the actual the state-of-the-art. The prices here are very low, and two Mongolian specialities, the “Mongolian cream tea” and the “dried beef”, which were bought from the home town of the boss.

At the threshold of the 2008 Beijing Olympic, 13club go out of Beijing all the way to Tianjin and becomes the first professional live bar in Tianjin. We invite well-know Rock & Roll band to come from China and abroad regularly. There are two heavyweight Rock & Roll performance every weekend. We arrange Tianjin flavor live floor show every Wednesday and Thursday. The Tianjin 13club located in the downtown area near the best known pedestrian mall, Riverside Avenue (滨江道). The Tianjin 13club has exactly the same light and sound equipments as the Beijing 13club, that aimed at providing the best audio-visual effects.

13club in Beijing and Tianjin both offer 300 m2 of space, an 80 centimeter high stage, near 100 m2 of grand Pogo dance floor. All of these make you can see the performance clearly and feel the the music in a great atmosphere. It’s also a very convivial bar which has western food of great taste and quality, as well as a football and a pool enjoy your night after some Rock'n'Roll.

Major events that happened here

Beijing Address

Map of the area around the 13 Club, by edushi.com
  • 161 Lanqiying, Haidian District, Beijing
  • 北京海淀区蓝旗营161号成府路西侧路南(北大东门向东,清华南门向西)
  • Southwest Chengfu Road (East of Beijing University East Gate,West of Qinghua University South Gate)
  • Bus Routes: 731 331 656 749 355 307 726 375 319 712 to Lanqiying Station
  • Phone: +86 10 82619213 or 60887715


Head towards 五道口 (wudaokou) in 海淀 (Haidian) district, via the light rail (line 13) or taxi. At the Wudaokou station, head west on Chengfu Lu.

After you pass Zhongguancun Dongjie (a major intersection), continue west. On the North side you will pass the road heading to the south gate of Qinhua Daxue (you can take a taxi directly here by heading to 清华大学西门 [qinghua daxue ximen]). Cross to the south side of the street and continue west. 13 Club is on your left, set back a short ways. Look for the neon light 13 on the roof and you will find it.

BTW, around the corner is the small punk club D-22

The other way: Go to the east gate of Beijing University (北京大学东门), and head east on Chengfu Lu. After a short while, 13 Club will be on your right.

CDs and Shirts

at the bar you will also find some CDs, DVDs, Books and demos of chn. rock bands and shirts.


Live Schedule Archive

13 Club Beijing on Douban.com China 10px.png

Tianjin Address

  • Phone: 1361208 7080
  • Email: 13club@163.com, OICQ: 349643393
  • Location (English): Hebei District, Ziyou Dao Number 60, 3rd Floor, (Next to the Bei An Bridge, and Across from the Italian Concession Clock Tower)

Location (Chinese): 天津河北区自由道60号三楼(自由道与胜利路交口)

Former address

Tianjin, District Heping, No 55 Chifeng Road (2nd story of the Int. Trade Plaze, at the intersection of Dagu Road and Chifeng Road)

About the new Tianjin venue:

the newly opened Tianjin venue of 13 club is located in downtown area near to the famous shopping mall "Bin Jiang Dao", for the stage installation and gear they have kept it in the same standard as the Beijing venue, the stage is 80cm with 12x Nexo PS15 PA and 4x 18" Subs.

13CLUB天津店的地点选在市中心的和平区赤峰道55号,位于天津最著名的步行街“滨江道”旁,按照北京13CLUB的标准配备了不是最好的而是适合自己的音响设备,它们是12支法国Nexo(力素)最经典的ps15 和4支单18寸Sub(超低);将给大家带来最佳的视听效果,同样为乐迷考虑,也装修了80公分高的舞台,无论你在哪个位置,都能看清表演,感受最震撼的现场。同时,这里也是一个很人性化的音乐酒吧,口味纯正的西方简餐、波比足球,让你在摇滚之余体验生活的乐趣。

13 Club Tianjin Douban Page China 10px.png


Live Schedule Archive

Further Information

Appearances in Books/Press


The owner of the bar is member of the metal band Ordnance.

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